861 Perry Road, Apex, North Carolina 27502, United States

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New Life Ministries of Apex

Year 2020

Year 2020

Year 2020Year 2020

Our Purpose



To be a non-denominational church body located in Apex, North Carolina, that fulfills the requirement of the Great Commission and the Great  Commandment, by expounding the Word of God, exercising pastoral care, equipping church members for service in the kingdom of God, and expressing the vision (revelation) of God for our congregation; to be a church body that spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations, by uniting and strengthening the family unit  and empowering the singles in Christ to grow, while eliminating the lines of racial and cultural division through Gods word and guidance of the Holy Spirit. 


To eradicate the race bearer that separate God's people from worshipping him as the one, true, living God, as one body; to restore and unite broken families based on the principles of scripture; to empower, incorporate and encourage single members to be a critical part of the ministry and to physically and spiritually serve the community, local and abroad through outreach initiatives. 


 •To teach and preach doctrine that is biblically sound, contemporaneously challenging, and personally experiential.

•To lead the church staff to function in a unified manner of pastoral and administrative care, guiding them to govern their particular ministry with vision, while encouraging them to adhere to the biblical example of being a servant.

•To lead the congregation to fulfill the biblical mandate of evangelism and missions.

•To lead the church to develop short-term and long-term goals that will consummate the vision of God for our congregation.

• To equip every church member in discovering their God intended place of service in the body of Christ.